Height m

Heating and Cooling Parameters

Door application & type


Overhead Sectional

Door size

Clear Height m
Clear Width m
Glass Area %

Cycle time: seg

Number of cycles per year

U-Value: W/m²K

Air permeability: m³/m²h

Solar factor

Electrical consumption

Door leaves Weight kg
Opening Power W
Stand-by Power W
T1 T2 T3

Case 1


Case 2


Case 3



These results of energy losses through the doors are illustrative and they are shown only for comparison purposes. The calculation is based on EDSF research and standards and carried out on buildings with a parallelepiped shape without interior divisions. The overall losses in buildings in real environments are influenced by a lot of factors that must be taken into consideration for an accurate calculation. For more information, please go to www.edsfdoorenergy.com.